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Tetyana Kimberlin

August 14, 2013

So as my last blog post showed I’ve been following this story for over a year. Well recently it has taken a sad turn.

The wife of the number one bad guy, The Dread Pedo Brett Kimberlin, has been trying to leave him for many years. She met him on a beach in the Ukraine when she was fourteen years old. This was 1994, and BK was out on parole for his Speedway Bombing crimes. Brett was 40 years old.

Bret brought Tetyana and a twelve year old cousin to Maryland in 1995. Tetyana has claimed they were having sex at this time every day until she married him at age 16 in 1996. To get around the law that anyone between the ages of 16 and 18 needs parental consent to marry Tetyana claims Bret forged a document showing her age was 18.

You get that? At age 42 he illegally married a 16 year old foreign girl. One who could not speak the language. Shortly after this “marriage” began, BK was sent back to prison on parole violations for not paying one of his Speedway Bombing victims wrongful death. BK would finally get out of prison in 2001. But enough about Brett. If you want his full story you can read it at Allergic 2 bull and Hogewash among others. He has even had a book written about him you can find on Amazon.

No, this post is about Tetyana. Can you imagine? 16 years old and alone in a foreign country, not having a full grasp on the language? For that matter, how many 16 year olds do you think can survive a marriage to a much older man who is in Prison?

Survive she did, and along the way she gave birth to two daughters who are now 14 and 9. Those of you paying attention can come to the realization that the elder daughter is not Brett’s biological daughter.

In 2006 Tetyana had decided she had had enough of BK and tried to leave him. BK would not let her have the children. He used them
as weapons against her and forced her to voluntarily commit herself to a hospital before he would take her back. She was discharged a week later with no mental disease diagnosis. He taught her that she could not leave without his letting her .

Well that’s not true. She is trying again, but she needs help. BK has already taken her to court. He has a lot of experience in court with his over 100 suits he has brung over the last 20+ years. With some help Tetyana has gotten terrific representation. She is trying for full custody of her daughters. The eldest of which is right now the same age as Tetyana was when BK started being intimate with her. BK has harassed Tetyana’s landlord that she is being victed. She still needs help. That’s why I am writing this.

If you can please go to At the top of the page click on. Tetyana’s Fund If you are able to please donate. No matter what the amount you can give it will help Tetyana and her children be reunited in a safe environment.

Thank you for your time in reading this plea for help, and have a great day.


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