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The same…with some MAJOR differences

July 12, 2013

So I’ve been watching the twitter feed of some of our favorite trolls and their supporters.  Especially after Cabin Boy sent his ill advised tweet.  They like to point to things Hoge and Walker are doing to follow along the story.  This has finally given me something to say so I make my Second blog post here at Monitor’s Access

So let’s look at some of the things they say they are getting in trouble for, while Hoge and/or Walker don’t.

1) Stalking:  There is a big difference in the behavior they have that TDPK and Cabin Boy (That’s Brett Kimberlin and Hill Schmalfeldt nicknames that were given at the excellent Hogewash site) don’t follow.  Namely being respectful of the proceedings.  Walker and Hoge sit in the back of the court room quietly observing and taking notes.  They then report what happened on their websites (Walkers is just as excellent as Hoge’s so you can visit it here) truthfully. Offering documentation whenever possible on the proceedings, up to and including official trial transcripts.

They do NOT try to take pictures unless they are documenting having their picture taken by someone OUTSIDE the court house.  Not once have they tried getting one inside.  Kimberlin especially can not claim the same.

2) Getting family involved:  TDPK is claiming this now because Hoge and Walker showed up at court proceedings that they were not a direct participant in, but was Kimberlin v Kimberlin.  Huisband vs Wife.  Walker especially has a  reason to want to hear the proceedings because he has been brought up at other Kimberlin hearings of which he had no participation in (Norton v Kimberlin is a good example)

After this court appearance, the next few days Hoge spoke with the estranged wife of Kimberlin.  The trolls would have you believe this is the same as Cabin Boy harassing Lee Stranahans wife in particular.  Major DIFFERENCE:  Hoge asked politely to speak to Ms. Kimberlin.  He didn’t demand she talk to him, and he didn’t hammer her with vile questions.   In fact he went so far as to promise that their talk would be off the record and nothing that was said between Ms. Kimberlin and he has shown up on the internet without her permission.  He respected the privacy of an enemies estranged wife and her request.  Cabin Boy still likes to needle Mrs. Stranahan about the death of her child and the circumstances under which it happened.

3) Using the courts to silence Free Speech of their enemies:  To date the only court cases that were brought against TDPK or Cabin Boy were to stop them from talking TO Walker or Hoge while allowing them to talk ABOUT Walker or Hoge all they wanted.  In fact the last case won by Hoge (Hoge v Schmalfeldt) against Cabin Boy was just that.  It is not a first amendment right to talk TO someone that doesn’t wish to speak to you.

Cabin Boy went all melodramatic when he was given a Peace Order from the courts ordering him to stop harassing Hoge and was yammering on about the death of twitter and the first amendment.  Poppycock!  (Or just using the Cabin Boys initials…BS.)  Kimberlin has gone so far as to arrange to have Walker arrested  for speaking ABOUT TDPK.  Normal defamation, harrassment and other legal rules still apply to how you talk about someone, and those have been the reason for the court cases brought against Walker or Hoge.

So there are the top 3 things that Team Kimberlin are accusing Hoge and Walker of doing when they are guilty of doing them.

Cabin Boy has been adjudicated as a harasser.  TDPK has been convicted of Perjury.  Who do YOU think you should believe.  Convicted offenders or bloggers.  Common sense answers that question easily.


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